Tuesday, October 23, 2007

St Albans

here i am in england... can you tell the difference!?!

i can especially as tonys keyboard keys are not in the same place as ours in spain!

flight was ok, on time leaving, although we thought it was going early, arrived on time, but it was like travelling in a doctors surgery, just about everyone had a streaming cold, and i mean streaming... why cant people blow instead of sniff... and sniffing every ten seconds... was driving me crazy, wanted to hit the family sitting behind me with a box of kleenex!!!

hire car is nice, a little black corsa, i look a real girl racer in it, ok... maybe not girl eh... and was kinda nice driving to st albans so late/early, 3 in the morning and some ground mist rising over the fields occasionally over the roads, not many cars, a fox who ran infront and then watched me from the other side of the road on a grassy bank as i pasted him by... then there he was the ever faithfull milkman on his delivery so early... was just like the old days LOL...

it was freezing when i arrived at luton airport, and i mean freezing, i was shivering and you could see my breath... fingers numb in seconds, i got pins and needles in them when i got to tonys and they started coming back to life!

this morning there was a beautiful white frosting all over everything! the sky in blue and the sun has shone all day, not a cloud in the sky... would be nice if it stayed that way.. oh just remembered i meant to buy an ice scraper for the car tomorrow morning!

ok off to relax now, spent morning walking around the city with janette, in and out of lots of shops, had my costa coffee... and then a second cup of coffee made with cinnamon in an moroccan restuarant we went into last time...



Anonymous said...

"this morning there was a beautiful white frosting all over everything!"

Oh, Marian, only YOU could make this sound like something anyone would actually want to see!

Marian said...

oh thank you... actually should have taken a photo! tomorrow if the world is covered in frosting again, i will...

Anonymous said...

Hi Marian

Still read all your blogs they are so interesting.My daughter lives in Radlett which is very close to St Albans


Marian said...

chrissie... so good to hear from you, often think of you and how your doing.

and yes radlett, not far at all from here is it, we went to a pub quiz in chisswell green tuesday night, even closer.

glad your still with me on my journey... in this mad crazy life.
take care,