Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Setenil de las Bodegas

what an amazing street... have you ever seen such a thing? that window in the house on the left opens right into the mountain!

there was a small amount of water running through this river bed... the water was running away from us, and i suppose because of where we live and where the sea is in relation to us, it seemed to be running up hill.... very strange!

ok now... a whole week gone... where to i ask??

well working backwards... today i worked till 2pm, then we ladies lunched! we tried a different restaurant today, a chinese all the way up the other end of town, the la peñita end, so long walk home for me! we had menu del dia which was 5.50€ i think, no more, which is very good. and lots of it too, a little too much for lunch, so thats it for me today food wise.

especially as i had a migrane yesterday.... lots of contributions to that i think, our car had broken down on saturday evening so i had to sort that out, went into work, then had to walk all the way back to the car which was abandoned on the outskirts of town, infact anyone coming into alhaurín on the fuengirola road would have passed our car over the weekend!

so i got to it, phoned the grua and he phoned me a couple of times as he couldnt find me! not helped by my lack of spanish especially over the phone where i can hardly speak english when my car breaks down, not sure why, always been the same, registration number and any details seem to excape me completely!

so, car on back of truck and towed.... lets see about 300 metres to the garage, yes believe me if i could have pushed it up the road a way and turned a right and a left i would have, but its all up hill!

anyway, car fixed not any great problem, apparently we shouldnt have steam cleaned the engine a few weeks back, a wire had come off, anyway its back on the road, pippa and i went to collect it this afternoon.

but, after the car business i came home and my head was pounding and all the other symptoms so off to bed, where i stayed till i got up this morning... great!

sunday we were out all day, friends wanted to see setenil, above, so they drove and we were in the back, i got a draft on my neck and lots of walking, but i got some really good photos, i will add to them tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics! And I'm glad your car is ok, and glad your migraine is under control.