Saturday, October 13, 2007

Malaga airport

well things did not go as smoothly as intended yesterday! franco and i arrived at airport at about ten to twelve, parked in the new and very much improved P1, we parked there before, but it wasnt quite finished, well now, it seems more finished but you have to go against the arrows to get about which is a bit confusing, not for those who generally go against them i suppose... you must know who you are!!!

anyway, i digress as usual, we got to the line up for the cardiff flight back to gales, (wales), it was half hour before the desk was due to open but i think everyone who was getting on the flight was already there!

after franco had checked in we went to have a coffee, we always go to the restaurant down past the gallery we have here at malaga airport, we then took a tour of the all new terminal one section, this was the only part when i first started coming here twenty years ago, and it was a far far different thing from what is here now! apart from all the check ins, the bars, there is also a nice outside area, for that last minute sun for those poor souls leaving our beautiful country!

so we checked out where barry would be coming in, it said on the flight info on the net he would be landing at T1, as he has before coming from nottingham, and usually i had always walked out side and along the crowded walkways to the main door of arrivals.

then... back to T2 and saw franco through to the other side and he was gone...

then... i walked back to T1 and sat and waited, barry had landed and i had only to wait for him to walk through from baggage.... then i got his text saying he was bored of waiting and was going home!!! yes you guessed he landed at T2!

what will it be like when we have T3 opened too! no different from heathrow and gatwick i suppose eh!

earlier yesterday franco and i went to la trocha and barry wanted eats so we went there on our way back too!

when we got home pippa got a bit confused, i suppose being so low to the ground with us walking in with a case as we had left, she thought it was franco then realised her mistake and started barking! but not for long and now she is sitting outside his bedroom door wining for him to get up... she may have a long wait...

No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.
The devil and miss prym


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