Thursday, October 25, 2007

tuesday evening we went to a pub quiz in chiswell green, not too far from st albans, was a good evening, us and three others, friends of tonys... we scored 35, the winners were 45 and second 40, so we didnt do too bad i guess!

yesterday... went to berkhamsted to see moms new place, its great, much bigger than her last home, and the area is quiet, she has some garden, its absolutely great, she feels much more at home here than before...

we then went to aylesbury, coffee in costas, of course, had a chat with a customer from the mercedes dealership i used to work for, popped in to see lisa at work, and looked around lots of shops!

then i ran into the above dealership to see another mate, surprised her a bit, she thought i was arriving next week! then.... off to the retail park, mom had a short list of things she needed which we got most of, then to tesco for lunch!, few groceries... made lasagna for tony... dropped mom off at her place and then me back home to tonys.

today... drive to bedford, about 45 minutes more or less, wasnt sure exactly which way to go and google mapped it, used the close up hibred version, that way when i went there today it all looked familiar!!

mate and i had a good afternoon, i met her at another mercedes-benz dealership... and she drove us to pub for lunch and then to her new house the other side of bedford, a lovely new house, its only 18 months old and in a nice quiet spot.

then we came back into bedford and stopped in the town for coffee and bit of a walk about the shops before she took me back to my car and then i was off again, it took an hour and quarter to back with all the extra traffic at that time...

tony has gone out now for the evening... i have had dinner and now i am going to sit back and relax...

well i cant find a quote or a short poem i really like today, feel lost without my books back home to quote from, so again as yesterday it shall be...
adios amigos from me!


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