Thursday, October 11, 2007

sorry this picture is so strange, we were walking up to the restaurant at the top of some very high steps... and i held the camera facing upwards so you could see what was above us as we walked these steps!

this is one of the many cave bars....

and this last one, for today, was taken after we had eaten at the restaurant under the toldo on the left there...

narrow street there for so many cars and the many motor bikes that came down it, so lots to watch and take in sat there, so many tourists too, just like us!

although i must check first, but i am sure i saw a local from here in alhaurín el grande, a guy we see every single day in the town, mooching around with the 'ol guys, but strangely i havent seen him all week! so maybe it was him and he is holiday'ing up there in setenil de las bodagas!

(barry is here tomorrow - yipeeeeee)

A warrior knows that the ends
do not justify the means.
Manual of the warrior of light


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful intriguing pictures, but for sure, you'd not find me in ANY of those buildings! What if there were a rumble deep in the earth that shook those ledges? Yikes!!

I'm happy for your family that Barry is coming tomorrow. Enjoy!!