Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More photos

i took so many photos of setenil, the one above is the main street! the one you have to come down to park... and the one thats used for the market, which was why when tony and i came on market day, there was no where to park! running through the town is the river there on the right, and there are bridges joining the two main streets together, bit like venice... but not!

this shot is the house from yesterday... how close is that up stairs window from the rock! no view of course, or even much light, i thought the mountain behind our house was close, at about 10 foot, but is soooooo much closer!

apparently.... you can ask to go into the house!! well thats what it said on one of the internet sites we read... and although franco was trying to peer into every single house, no one asked us in!

The search for happiness is purely personal
and not a model we can give to others.
The Pilgrimage


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