Tuesday, October 02, 2007


what news do i have today? the market in la trocha is coming back end of the month, but first starting in a couple of weeks it will also be held on a wednesday actually in the mall up stairs! which is great, its to show the retail shop owners that the presence of the market traders do not effect the shops!

and if it turns out well, the wednesday market will continue along with the sunday one down stairs in the car park! muy excelente!

still no sellos in the post office, francobolli in italian...checked out the translation for that... wait till franco comes home - does he know his name is part of the word for stamp! but now in italy is there a short form for francobolli? is it bolli? now boli in spain is short for boligrafo - pen, as in biro pen!

ok now that your all very confused....

today it looks like it might rain, the forcast says showers for today and tomorrow so we shall see, its still quite warm though, high 20´s so with the cloud cover its humid again.

i came across a spanish learning course on another site yesterday and as i write i keep thinking in spanish, is this good i wonder or a sign of a migrane where my head gets all mixed up!

my mom keeps coming up with reasons for not having her trip out here at the end of the month, first her house move, now the high dental bill, but i wonder if she just does not want to travel, although i will be with her on her outward bound journey maybe she is worrying about going home alone, i am not keen on flying alone now, so maybe at nearly 80 i can understand her feelings.

well today i just seem to be rambling so time to relax now with another program on antiques and a nice milky coffee... what would go down really nice with it would be a tesco's jam doughnut! all that lovely strawbury jam inside and sticky sugar.... yummy, good thing i am not in england just now or i would be on my way down to the supermarket for a whole bag of them fresh and still warm from their bakery!

was that someones tummy i hear rumbling....?

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Anonymous said...

Ai yi yi.. I have a bakery within walking distance-- I am about to gain another whole pound of weight!