Saturday, February 02, 2008

up our street...

got my rash back on my face.... so its back to the brown paper bags again i am afraid! still i am taking some tablets the doctor gave me for the last serious out break i had after our christmas holiday! although on the information about them it says not to take for more than two weeks as the disadvantages out weigh the advantages... but what else can i do, apart i know see someone about an intolerance test.

anyway.... this morning i took myself off to coín and did the weeks shopping at día... must be the cheapest place in spain for groceries, then after filling the tank (car) i washed it! at least i now except the force of water to come out like it does, i remember the first i used it and it sent me flying backwards.... now that would have made a good photo oportunity!

the weather has been lovely this week, just been up on the terrace reading in the sun shine...

started with off well with my spanish lessons, monday tuesday and wednesday, then none since - i didnt get home till nearly 5pm on thursday so was too late and then yesterday, what with these tablets making me so tired i was just.... too tired... do these sound like escuses? they do to me, so i better leave here now and get cracking on todays lesson!

a small bit from the book i am reading...

Da qual tremore insolito
Sento assalir gli spiriti!
Dond' escono quei vortici
Di foco pien d' orror?
Don Giovanni


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