Sunday, June 12, 2016

A day well travelled...

Station seat at Llanelli

A day well travelled today!  Up at 5:30am, walked the Pipster is the cool darkness of the day, a beautiful time at this time of the year in Spain, it still being dark will be different from when I wake up here now in Blighty tomorrow morning!  We left a bit late for the airport, maybe we are getting a bit lackadaisical about it! Could be a problem if we leave too late!!

Anyway, got to the airport fine, checked my bag in and went through, gate number up already, well, I already had the notification of my phone by before we even reached Malaga airport!  Walked through, sat waited and boarded!  My free seat as I waited until on-line checking in was row 4, window seat!  So off easily, bag came through, out and on the bus to Bristol Temple Meads train station... no stopping, easy ride, in and on the train in due course!  I got on an earlier train than I had thought so was early at the next station, only a few miles away, Bristol Parkway, so sat and ate a sandwich on the platform!  I hate eating like that, I don't usually eat while walking about either, I don't know why, its just not me somehow!  But I ate, and it was fine! LOL, nothing happened to me!

A reader after my own heart in this railway guard office!
That train took me all the way to Swansea, so just relaxed and enjoyed the ride, waved at Briton Ferry and Neath on passing, still seems very weird passing through somewhere where we used to live... surreal somehow!  Once in Swansea I had time to get my tickets from the machine, paid for already just popped in my card, typed in my code and out they came, for my next journey up to Nottingham when I leave work in less than a months time! [Happy smiley face here!]  Also got a Costa coffee! Nice!
Station seat
 And I was on my final leg... of the journey, a two hour and ten minute ride on a small two car train to where I am now!  Near Builth Wells in mid Wales!  The weather was okay on the way, some sun, a drop of rain, and its been full lovely sunshine since I got here!

A view I had always wanted to 'snap' when we lived here, but hadn't got around to!
I don't start work until tomorrow at 13:00, so just relaxing now, unpacked my small bag, that took all of 30 seconds and its feet up and writing to you'all now!


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