Wednesday, June 01, 2016

View from Miramar shopping centre down near the Fuengirola coast, yesterday.... beautiful day, shops were busy and we enjoyed wonderful tapas in the food hall...

Looking across towards the new pathway that spans the river coming down into the Mediterranean just here... Mmmmm. medi-terranean two latin words, 'middle-land' or 'inland' strange name therefore for a sea.... But then many [many many], years ago there was no sea, no water, only a land that came between where we are now and the land and islands on the other side of it!  So middle or between? lands, or a sea in lands [surrounded]... That's the problem when I am trying to learn new words, Spanish, or Welsh!  I always try to break the word down to work out where its coming from!

Yesterday morning took a couple of photos, above, what appeared to be a petrified fig! Cut perfectly in half?

And these empty snail shells! Have I posted these before?  They seem strangely familiar, either that or I keep on finding the homes of a million past inhabitants of shells!  What happened to them? Did they just crawl out and move on? Did a night time spirit eat them all over night? Are a local restaurante dumping the empties here in a waste land far from sight!!! I think none of these options!

Yesterday I decided, as I do many times over the course of every year, to try to get back into some sort of keep fit regime, I chose a couple of Zumba routines from YouTube, wore appropriate footwear, made sure I had plenty of space around me, and Pippa would not try to join in!

I ended up putting on YouTube, an old Jane Fonda work out video from the 1980's!  I used to have the real video and put that on a lot... I always did the warm up routine, and then the real hard work would begin and I would not be able to keep up!  That was 30 years ago, and would you believe I only got to same thing yesterday, and I couldn't go any further!! The exact same spot, well, mas o menos!  Now what would one conclude from this?  Either I was well out of shape 30 years ago?  Or I am in better shape now than I thought?? lol I am sort of thinking I was in bad shape before and not much better now then!


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