Friday, June 24, 2016


Today is a very sad day indeed, a tiny majority win and the UK is to leave the European Union.

A large proportion of people who are elderly and do not even know who to vote for or why, or what any of it means, I am sure several thousand voters also had their voting by post applications done for them, and today do not have a clue who they voted for anyway!

Today the prime minister has announced his standing down, the words 'sinking ship' spring to mind, and the television is full of broken promises already, because after-all how could any of the leave-campaigners know, but that's okay, because the suckers believed them anyway!

Don't be surprised Britains when the cost of living rises, the money index fell dramatically over night as the votes came in and the future was in sight, so its back to good old 1985 financially, not many cents for the pound in the Euro zone now, so all those holiday makers... Oh and stop the cigarette run!  One carton each that'll be sir, madam!  LOL not sure about that one, I'm scaremongering!! But then seems the majority of voters believed what they heard on TV and the one-sided newspapers propergander!

Been hard today on Facebook keeping my thoughts to myself, luckily the majority of my friends on there are like-minded so I could just 'like' their words and agree, and dare to share... I must admit, I had to 'hide' some of the others to keep my brain sane!!

Good luck amigos, and for my American compatriots my fingers are crossed for whats to follow back home; we could be in for a rocky time in this world, this one tiny planet, and after all, that is what we are, one planet, why can't we just be one people... If there is some greater being, spiritual or alien... They must be laughing so hard right now at our tiny world, tiny short lives... and some very tiny minds!

A Rose, by any other name...


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