Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tiny blue garden flower

Extra tired these past two days not sure why!  Probably not enough exercise, not the best of spellers usually, but before I got to end of the above line I had two run underlines telling me to go back and check spellings!! In bed posting now... Lady I support already asleep, not something I can say about the local sheep and cattle outside... a cacophony of them and the last few birds nestling down!  Something in the house too nestling down, and it better be downstairs, I don't like living with small quick creatures that squeak and pick up stuff!!  Or do mice come awake at night!!! Now I wish he or them, were just over my head in the attic not roaming house in full view... shouting 'look at me' as they pass by...

Inside a rose... Beautiful...

Monday soon, time is flying by, a week on Wednesday I am off up to Nottingham then home a couple of days later... tick tock!


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