Thursday, June 09, 2016

Didn't sleep well last night, ie worse than usual, which means I slept bad.  At one point I realised I had a headache, and having a headache appear in the middle of the night is never a good omen... so no surprise I got up with a migraine, I ate some breakfast, feeling positive, maybe I hadn't eaten much yesterday? Half a cup of tea, yes, should have been coffee! Took meds and painkillers... and went back to bed, in this heat! LOL not really complaining, but when I've got a headache heat makes it worse.  Got up I don't know what time... oh yes, half past one!  Couldn't believe what the time was, ate half a piece of toast and attempted another cup of tea!!! They made me feel sick, so I risked taking a strong, [shouldn't be taking] pain killer for migraines and went back to bed... its now over 40 degrees C on the terrace! Phew... Got up later, I think five thirty or so, and pain gone, just normal weakness and dyslexia!

Noticed just now, nearly midnight, because I am going to off kilter now to sleep tonight, anyway the shopping list I started earlier, apparently I am going to buy god food in the morning... and for some reason that makes me want to buy honey.... ??? Anyway, its dog food we will be buying!

Just done some washing too, and that'll dry by morning on the terrace, I've been cleaning and tidying up and trying to tire myself out so I can sleep tonight!


Franco has been busy making more pallet furniture for our terrace, he is still not feeling too good, but keeping busy helps while he is doing it... so we have now, apart from the wonderful table, also a BBQ area and a bench!


The bench is more finished than the above photo and in situ now, next to the table!

We also put up our hammock and its way too cool sitting in that! LOL I can't believe waited so long before getting one!!!


It is so comfortable!  We just need to get a chain to support it from the beam, or its south one of us is going to go when the cable can't stretch any more!!

Couple of days left before I go to work on Sunday!  Trying to work out how to take even less than I already do, this is going to be the last time I take a case, its small already, but its the lugging it about bit!  Mmmm, is that why luggage is called luggage?  Its lugged about??

Can't take any less clothes than I already do!  So I am thinking the camera and its charger will have to stay at home... next time? This time?? But no way can I leave my lap top or kindle!! phone/s, chargers!!  Its the getting on and off of trains and buses and worrying about where my bag is all the time if I can't keep it close to me, at least with a squishy bag, or backpack type of thing, I'll just keep in on my lap!! And no separate handbag...? Don't know about that, maybe a small across the shoulder thing!

Okay rambling now, good night folks!


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