Monday, June 27, 2016


One small pine tree out front... some very small and un-noticed flowers therein....

Who would have known!  Whilst looking for the small world to check out with my phone, its amazing what I can find!

Before I go, although just arrived my mouth is killing me!  Well I hope not, but in terrible pain again, I get this every now and then, dentist once said I needed a whole load of work doing on my teeth, but then a week later the pain had subsided... My teeth are not great anymore... not enough visits to dentists and now a fear that if I went I may never get out of a chair alive... But this pain is in my jaw, my cheek bone, up into my right ear and my glands are up down my face and into my neck... Just taken some more pain killers and hoping for the best, and not for infection and blood poisoning! Mmmmm, okay, lets lift the mood!

Lovely little pair of squirrels around the garden again today... Playing tag by the flower pots and one on his own, stopped to pose just for me on a rock!

No photos of the lodger at the moment, AKA mouse or mice!  Camera shy?  Maybe... maybe I could get him to stand still and I'll take a shot!!!


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