Monday, June 13, 2016

Mijas Pueblo

Some photographs taken on Saturday, we went down to Mijas pueblo for a coffee and to sit and watch the world go by... the street is still up!  The work still going on, seemingly not a lot done since, they are working on the whole area in the lower parque and the area immediately in front of the car park, where the donkeys and horses await their next riders... and the coaches park[ed]!

I think they should have finished the parque area before moving onto the other coach area, but there you go, disorganisation at its best!

The coaches and the buses have to turn now down to near the entrance to the car park, so thats a nightmare zone there... And from there you can take a new road!  It does around the base of the gardens, well, a long way down from the top of the gardens, I have always looked down, there was a building, and a rough old track, and now there is a bright sparkling new single direction road!  It even has parking, for walkers to walk, hikers to hike if you want to go back into town straight up the mountain side!! Er, NO!!

Not great photos through the windscreen are they! LOL Still you get the idea!!

This was the building I have looked down on since the 1980's!!! Still I never thought I would see it from this close up!

And Friday night the great artist in the sky painted the most wonderful piece of live artwork on his amazing canvas.... what a display, it could never be mimicked...

Lets see if it works first! I might have to remove it, the preview won't allow me to access it... So as you can see, I removed the short video, it wouldn't work, but I will post some other time....

And now... here today, back at work, still my free time until later bye the bye!  I slept a long time once I got to sleep, kept waking up as per the norm!  Feel like I have overslept now so heavy eyes and a bit blurry!

I feel completely lost without my camera!  On and off during the train journey, so many times I thought, if only I had my camera!  Really feel lost without it!  But minimising my travel load and it had to be one of things that stayed home... its not small, and then there is the charger, another charger!?!  Not too much, my phone camera will have to suffice!

Just back to edit and remembered, on our way out of Mijas on Saturday a bird flew up from the side of the road, we were by Alhaurín Golf, it flew up and with us for what seemed like ages, while I exclaimed and loved it all the more for doing so.... it was my favorite bird in all the world, my Hoopoe bird and he was there just when I needed him most, like the lady I work for at the moment has a memory of seeing Whistle Jacket in an art gallery shortly after losing her love during WW2, he gave her strength to carry on living; and seeing the Hoopoe has always given me a sense of goodness, of wonder, of adventure... of hope...


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