Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Back to work tomorrow, and as a good friend of mine said to me this morning, "Spain is crying because you are leaving for work tomorrow"....

There had been a a few drops before I took Pipster for her walk this morning, then it chucked it down before we made it home, sheltering under trees, and looking dodgy walking right next to the houses!

Above when we sheltered in the doorway to the little chapel under the ayuntamiento...

Our new sun-lounger-bed on the terrace! jeje... just kidding, down at Casa Flores, they are getting some expensive gear in these days!  There were a few terrace sofas, one or two sold already, with, the customers names on!!! So everyone else knows where they are now... jeje!!

One of the little turtles bathing in the sun... and yes, this wasn't today!!!  So sunbathing today!  Its all my fault, I actually sat in the sun yesterday, don't normally sunbathe!!

Pippa knows I'm going soon, she watched sad eyed as I packed my bag today... its so light now! It looks like an overnight bag... wish it was!!

Still, not everyone gets six months off a year do they!

We had a coffee down at 'the office' this morning, say bye to friends for a month for me, then got a few bits I needed... but lots closed today, no scrap that, nearly every thing closed!  Well, it it a public holiday today after all... Think another next week too, although that could be local to Malaga, this one is all over Spain.

After town we popped up to 'our' bar for churros!

This time tomorrow I will be pulling into Builth Wells... Speak to you from there amigos!


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