Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trying to add a photograph... is a PDF, can't convert to jpg on this Chromebook, sure its possible, was a site offered to convert, but you have to log in with your email??? Sounded dodgy, so haven't, it was a photograph of my mom, one I am sure I have posted before... maybe on fb or here...

Couldn't find the one I wanted, but this is ideal too....
This machine isn't doing what is was paid to do, probably the download speed, maybe not... maybe just me wanted it to work quicker than it can, because technology never works quick enough for me anymore.

I seem to be on a low again, I'm worse than a big dipper!  Whoever said losing ones mom gets better... blah! or did they?  Did they just say it fades a little, the pain?  Some days I guess it must be, or I wouldn't be able to cope at all... Then days like these all I want to do is just talk to her, that's all I want to do, just talk, just pick up the phone, and talk, to her...

I know I shouldn't be like this, should I? Its on its way to seven years... Seven years, isn't that how long it takes for our bodies to completely renew or something like that, does that mean in March I won't even be the same person I was then?

So this isn't helping, better get on.

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