Friday, October 21, 2016

What the *

I am sorry today is a vent of frustration, I am unbelievably flabbergasted.... so much so I think I am gasted'ly flabbered!!

We checked out a pellet burner the other week, I mentioned it?  We went to a shop down on the coast at La Canada, got a price for the burner and organised an estimate for the works to be done, and two guys came up to the house and did a reckky!

Well, extracting the 'P' or what!
We were expecting, I don't know... maybe €800 euros, maybe as much as €1000, and that was our limit, so when Franco called into the store today! He had gone down to find out what was going on as the 'we'll call you in 48 hours' ... had been surpassed by about ten days!!

And... the man said it would be €1300 euros... Franco called me and we thought, heck! Well we need it, we want it, it will last sometime... So, okay!  Then Franco called me back - the price had skyrocketed to over €1800!!  Because they need 38 pieces of pipe work!! Add the nearly €400 labour and the cost of the burner, and VAT, of course... if you add the price of burner and labour, that's about €800 and the €1000 plus is for pipework and VAT!!! What the *.....

I said have they got the facts wrong?  Do they think its a wood burner, as Franco mentioned the man in the store said "well, its a two story house..." I mean, with a pellet burner you go straight out the wall behind the burner, add a vent, maybe a pretty little cap to stop the rain getting in!!!  Yes with one six foot pipe inside the house.... but only because you don't want snow [somewhere snowy], or rain, [somewhere wet!], or people sticking stuff in the vent [that's more like it!!]

With a wood burner, yes!  Take that pipe up through the dinning room, through the concrete floor, yes! Take it up next through the living room, and through yet another concrete floor, yes!  Then up onto the terrace, yes! and stand it six foot above our floor! Then ask us for 1800 flipping euros!  Be our guest!

Phew... thanks, as always, for listening, I shall go watch Gilmore Girls now... relax, smile, rest, and tell the bee tapping at the window to go hide, winter is coming!


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