Thursday, October 27, 2016

The malaise I had yesterday morning lifted... I spend most of the day boostering the spirits of the lady I work with, which apart from positive speaking means a lot of smiling, and of course smiling fools our brains into thinking we're happy lol... Maybe all the negative things I hear all day do bring me down, and a reason I feel a bit flat sometimes...  Its hard work being funny and positive all day... but someone has to do it! LOL.... Mmmmm humour falling flat on me this morning too!

I have a headache, again, most mornings, bed is comfy enough, maybe the heating? Who knows... but back to the constant pain relief meds.... Lots to do today so it will lift soon enough and day pass swiftly.

I seem to have been having a shopping frenzy on eBay!  Put bids on a few things, lost three quite soon, which was quite good!  But I put a ceiling limit on what I will pay... and I have three bids on three more tank tops!!!  Yes!! Tank tops!! Who would have known they would be back in fashion... Wish I had kept mine from the 1970's!  Although not sure how the too tight in a 'sausage look' would go down! lol... still, I'm not paying more than the starting prices really, and they're only a couple of pounds each... Also, I travel light!  So maybe its just a distraction...

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, felt warm too through the windows!  Thousands of ladybirds! They were tapping at the windows... "let me in, let me in..."  No photographs, I really must bring my camera next time, it helps... somehow, gives me something to focus on!! haha!! Focus on! Get it??


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