Wednesday, October 05, 2016


The Council House registry room

Belated photographs from my eldest sons wedding last month!  Two days after I finished work, it was trip to Cardiff, overnight stopover there for me, met Franco and then we were up to Nottingham.... aforementioned I think!

Signing of the registration papers
 Some of these photographs are thanks to family, my phone camera didn't do a great job indoors in the registry office or the lunch to follow!  Didn't have my 'real' camera...

My boys...
The Council House in Nottingham is a beautiful place for a wedding, the room was panelled, gorgeous setting, and just as the official read out the bit about "... if there is anyone who thinks this marriage..."  a street drummer started to beat out something!  And the man said he was sorry, he couldn't understand the drums!!

... and Wedding lunch
The lunch was held in a pub in town, on the third floor, in a wonderful room with the longest table, and low ceiling!  There were strange items around the room too!  A sleigh, sewing machine, bits and pieces of all sorts! Great room, great food... and well done to the staff who had to carry full plates and drinks up those flights of stairs, then carry huge piles of empty plates back down again, job well done folks!!

Signing the register
 These two photos above are mine, from indoors, both a bit to misty!! Then the one below... perfect!  Outside and no problems! Never mind!!
Bride and Cassie

Sons, on the right groom in waiting...

Younger son opening door for Bride
Wonderful day!  Wedding was at 2:30pm and then up to the restaurant by way of a drink in a Church... converted to pub!  We sat outside and then moved onto the restaurant... I think it was about 7pm when we came out... We popped back to the hotel, got changed and met up again quite soon afterwards with the Brides family... We went into a small bar, and drank very strong beer!!  Well I did, I only had a small glass, they didn't do pints and I couldn't have handled one!  I didn't get drunk, just very tired, and as soon as we were back in the hotel room I thought I would shut my eyes for five minutes, I was out like a light until the morning!  Knockout beer!!! Very high alcohol content!

So lovely to be with everyone, both my boys together, hadn't seen them together for four years... Too long a time...



Chrissie said...

Hi Marian,

What lovely wedding photos, I bet you were so proud,also what a cute granddaughter! Hope you are keeping well, don't work to hard when you return to work lol

Take care

Chrissie xx

Marian Bonelli said...

Oh thank you Chrissie.... and yes, Cassis is the most beautiful little person! She never stops moving, we skyped the other day and she was a blur most of the time!!! She kept throwing me her ball! While I pretended to miss catching it! LOL Hope all is well with you...
Yes, back tomorrow.... blah! lol.. never mind, be home again soon, enough! positive positive!!!

take care,