Sunday, October 30, 2016

Roses are...
Happy Sunday!  The trees are all the colors of autumn, leaves fluttering to the ground, so much so that I can nearly see the river Wye and the moutains, hills? on the other side of the road, they've all been undercover of foliage for the summer.  A horse next door making a noise all night I can't possible find a way of telling you the sound... maybe 'phhhhbbbbb!' LOL  That blowing out of mouth noise they make!

The sun is now filtering through the misty clouds after a gray start... and it was almost light when I got up this morning at 6:30am, and by 7am it was light!  This I know of course will change over the next few weeks!

The woodpecker is back at the bird baskets, first time I have seen him since, at least the time before last I was here... June/July shift maybe?

The mouse may have been spotted this morning!  'Hey ho' here we go again! Still the traps are down, so hope he finds his way out of the house and stays out!!  One of his kind has a run by the back door, he hurtles up past the porch door, across the mat by the back door and darts behind and under the big flower pot under the window! He flies along!!

And.... Oh, you know, I think I did a draft the other day and never finished it on here!! Bare with, going to check...

LOl while the internet off... its a no no, so shall carrying on writing and copying and saving as I go so I do not lose all of anything!!  The internet here is the worse I have ever come across, anywhere, at any time, the old dial-up was 100% better than this!  So that's saying something isn't it?  I realise this is out of the way, off the beaten track, but this is the 21 century! The supplier here goes by the two initials of my sons first names!  So that's an easy one! LOL

Okay I have the draft!  It was a 'memory' from Facebook the other day...

"Well heard it all now, conversation between Franco and I just now...
F. They've got Britain's first bug restaurant
M. Where is it?
F. London probably, us Welsh wouldn't eat that ***t!
M.Ummmm, don't know that town... Exactly where is it?
F. Wales!!!

So was...

The 'So was...' was also in the draft!  What was I going to continue with?  Why would I leave it here hanging?  Who knows... Oh I know I know!  LOL it was to get me back with the font!!  It didn't work though, and getting back into the font again reminded me!!

Does anyone reading this ever just leave halfway through my ramblings sometimes?  I wonder? Although of course I could put some really great snippet right at the end!

Going back to my last post... the malaise I had been in, turned out the lady I support and her hairdresser felt the same on the same day!  Must have been something in the air!

Thank you for listening to my ramblings by the way, I never thank you enough, and without you listening to me, and being here for me, I'm not sure what I would do some days...  Especially not having my camera either!

Lemony slice


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