Saturday, October 15, 2016

Here I am! Back to work! Only three weeks and a few days to go already!  See how quickly time goes... I am sure it won't be long before I am making the days last as long as possible!  Maybe when I am seventy I will rise at 5:30am... and have a ten minute power nap at three in the afternoon before going long haul until midnight!

Weather has already been many faceted in just a few days!  There has been wet low cloud, drizzle, rain, and heavy rain; then there has been watery sun, sun and cloud and full warm sunshine with all the midges!

It feels like I have never been gone on the one hand and been a long time on the other!  Nothing much changes here I guess for either of us when we're gone...

The journey here was dotted with obstacles!  We had to get a bus to the plane in Malaga, something that doesn't happen much anymore... and for someone who flies every month that's a big thing!  So we drove for a while stuffed in our bus, two buses for a full flight, so a hundred at least on each bus... thought at one point they were driving me home!  Which would have been the best thing ever... but no, just around and about the other runway and then we parked next to the plane, in the dark, and very hot bus!! Elbow to elbow, shoulder to shoulder and waited... and waited!!  The driver was mentioning Barcelona which made a few of us worried who were listening to him... a man shouted out to "open the doors, we promise not to get off!"  He didn't and we were all sweating.. lovely!!  Eventually the doors opened and on we got!!! Fifteen minutes stood in that hot bus!

So we took off late, but luckily landed on time!  Bus to Cardiff okay, but then the coach to Builth broke down!  We were at Brecon and a passerby got the driver out of the coach and showed him something near the wheel!  He drove us to a changeover spot, usually its just a driver, but another bus came, and we got off our bus and onto that... Sounds fine eh!! Well maybe yes, for us, but not for the people who had been on the bus and also had to get off! They got onto our broken one!!!  And from their perfect bus we could all see the problem with the bus they were now on!  Lots of black oil all over the nearside rear wheel!! "Good luck" we said to them! Bon voyage!!

Got into Builth about quarter hour late, so not so bad...

I am back to the Gilmor Girls on Netflix and all is well with this little world in here... still wishing I get the lady out of house, with me I mean!!   Be so nice to just get out for a drive, or a visit someplace, town, garden centre, somewhere....


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