Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints Day

open your imaginations here folks... please! because here is a rather strange photo ... taken during a rather stormy day up in scotland, at my favorite castle, eileen donan, chap in the fore ground goes by the name of 'flep' he is known only by a certain few people... he came to live with franco some years ago, although a close relation of simon a good mate of franco's, he absconded... had enough of the cold weather in wales and came out with franco one time to live here in spain!

on a few occasions si has tried, in vain to re-kindle relations with flep, even involving payments of money, but all to no avail! he, flep, came with us to vegas when we got married, he stood very dangeriously on the edge of the rail on the top of the stratosphere tower!

when we were on holiday in sardinia, asked to stay, but we worried about how the cold winters would effect him! we know si worries about him, so these few paragraphes were to put his mind at rest!

and now to... a different reality shall we!!

above are my friends and i on their balcon the morning i was leaving, very early and the sun was just rising.... a sun i hasten to add i brought back down with me, been lovely since i came back, so looks like the rain they had has all gone now for the time being, lets hope, we needed it, but a week is enough all ready!

we went one day to 'la cova del rull' curly's cave in english, it was found by a man nick named uncle curly! we couldnt take any photos, this is the first real cave i have ever been in, one with stalactites and stalagmites, and such wonderful nature made architecture... will try to hunt down pics from the web, just remembered though have been in the 'rock' at gibraltor, cant remember seeing anything as wonderous as this! we were stood marveling at what appeared to be figures and statues when i got a drop of water on my head! i exclaimed... tengo una jota en mi cabeza! and the guide said i better be careful or i would become part of the fixtures! no good for me, it was 15C and so so cold, its that temperature all year regardless of outside, and the humidity... of course it was 100%! my fingers turned white within about 5 minutes, and took hours to get back to normal... tingling, pain, etc! still glad i have been now!

now have to run, have an ton of ironing to do.... great fun!

Every human being has inside them
something more important than him or herself - his or her gift...


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Anonymous said...

Flep come home mate, weather not so good, but home is where the heart is.