Monday, November 06, 2006

Cumbre del sol

couple of photos from my holidays! the one above is from my bedroom, i had to lighten the pic to get more detail, but if you look carefully the line of sea on the left hand side is a bit bumpy.... thats ibiza! about 70K away, it was the only morning i got to see the islands, but i think come the winter and the cool air the view will be better.

and beneath, another photo i have zoomed in and then enlarged... this is montgo the mountain range that stands 750 meters above sea level between denia and javea, can you see how much it looks like an elephant? laying down its head on the right with its truck laying on the gound ahead of it? i can see his eye too, but maybe thats because i have seen him for real, he is amazing! hey look i did a link! i wondered how you lot did it! how slow am i, now i guess i will get real boring and do it all the time!

had good weekend.... sunday franco and i went to the market down in fuengirola, not on! then to miramar shopping complex, not open! so we went to a garden centre, had a look around... back to miramar for kentucky friend chicken! yes we have one here now! the one at the la cañada complex is too far, well almost! i know it sounds daft, craving a take out food like that, but we do sometimes...

on our way home we popped into our local garden centre where the prices are so much lower, the higher up the mountain the lower the prices! and we got four poinsettia plants for our front balcon, and a jasmine for the back wall.

and home!

Good and Evil have the same face,
it all depends on when they cross the path
of each individual human being.



Andy said...

Yep folks she's right the Montgo realy looks like an Eliphant and no she's not kidding about the acorn bush either.
We had a great time with Marian when she was up with us and as always it was full on from start to finish. Keep blogging Mazzy from adopted Bro. xx

Anonymous said...

Marian is a wonder. :-) Truly joyous soul. Lord, how glad we are to meet her.


Marian said...

Honora... thank you, i love to make people smile, if i can lighten someones day just a little is enough for me.
love mxx