Wednesday, November 08, 2006


wasnt marooned here! this is taken from on top of the mountain overlooking my friends house... look down there... beautiful, the camera has caught the sun just right, what a view from up there, you can see... montgo of course! calpe, javea everywhere from all sides, it was a winding journey to the top, specially coming down as i was on the nearside of the car and right on the edge! no barriers there!

and this shot was taken a 5 minute walk from their home, the road ends and its rocks all the way to the bottom, and this spectacular view of the very private beach, if you didnt know this area you wouldnt know the beach was there...

and this view taken from a small area made for taking pictures.... i guess... a kodak spot, wonderful.

but marooned was yesterday, the rain.... all day and so fierce couldnt take pippa out, and nor would she go! we had our own very private flood, on the roof would you believe, and i didnt realise how deep the water was despite pippa being ankle deep and treading very oddly, bit like my cats on snow! so out i went, also ankle deep! only i was wearing my slippers! now ruined, or at least they are still wet nearly 24hrs later, i unskrewed the drain and pulled it up, now at this point i should have removed the stuff causing the problem, but as the rain was starting up again i just let everything go down the drain... which means into the system that runs somewhere through our house (!) so the waters receded, and i saved us all!

my feet were freezing to start but after a few minutes they got warm, all by themselves.... before the cold set in again!?! probably not a good thing, had chilblains once, a long time ago, and i am pretty sure getting wet feet was the cause, still they felt better later, much later!

today we and i made it out for a walk and i managed to get down into town and into friends shop before it started all over again! had my brolly with me and back home ok before it got too bad.

tomorrow forecast is for sunshine, from now till the end of the year! sorry silly mood, must be the damp!

have popped in a little extra there on the right, a word a day of spanish, now i must learn them, si! and as i re-read this i see what hope do i have of learning español when i clearly have trouble with the english language!

funny how paulo's quotes seem to be there exactly at the right time and place...

Sometimes it is imposible to stop the river of life!


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