Monday, November 20, 2006

Los Elefantes

hi, came across this photo yesterday, one franco took, this was when we got caught up in a stanpede down at benalmadina a couple of years ago, those elephants were really moving, there they were stuck in the middle of the road, the trucks and vans... oh what excitement!

yeah yeah yeah... really, si verdad! not! of course, i am sorry, but they do look so real dont they, specially the way they got caught on camera! the elephants were placed on the roundabout prior to being placed in the childrens area on the other side of the road to holiday village, a what was new then, complex between fuengirola and benalmadina, and of course the beasts were not flesh and blood! but i still think i should send this in to a local newspaper what do you think!?

today its been one beautiful day, the sun is warm, i came home and went straight up on the roof to sit in the sunshine, need some on my pale skin, and in doors its so cold now! up on the roof it was 22C in the shade, i sad and read for a little while, lovely...

and also today beautiful because i woke up without a headache, again yesterday bad with another pain in the head and neck!

work was very busy, we had a new person start today, didnt know 'he' was even starting today, aparently he decided to come in today! he had lots of ideas on how to change things around, which i had to advise him wasnt really up to us! and some of the prices he thought would be good, would just not go down with our shoppers in the least.... lots to read between the lines here! :-)

tony has left aylesbury now.... :-(

one door has closed and another opened, or at least it would have, had the certificate for the gas in the new place been sorted, but it wasnt, so he is staying with a friend for a few days!

Certain things are so important that they need to be discovered alone...



forget me not said...

So you're having nice weather like us, eh Marian? We've had temps in the 20's for the past few weeks, nice sunny days etc. My petunias are still blossoming! And we have oranges, tangerines and lemons growing in our back yard. Will do little fruit shopping this winter!

Honora said...

Holy mackerel, I thought the elephants were real!! lol

Honora said...

That saying is beautiful:
"Certain things are so important that they need to be discovered alone..."