Sunday, November 05, 2006


just a couple of photo's today... the hollybush plant.... above a variety we all know, green or varigated prickly leaves and in the winter those wonderful red berries, lots of them and in england it is supposed to foretell a bad winter to come.

now this photo above is one i took near my friends at cumbre del sol, and look its a hollybush, bit scarse of leaves this one, but there were lots of others, the thing i most wanted to get a good shot of were thoses acorns! what is that? i jokingly said at first ¨franco has been here¨the sort of thing he would do, super glue acorns onto another type of tree... but no, no franco there, and too many bushes covered in these acorns, so has anyone anywhere, ever please seen a hollybush with acorns??? we dug up a good root, and i brought it down here and we have planted, and will see if it lives and if it flowers etc, and watch, hopefully as the acorns grow! how weird is this!


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