Saturday, November 11, 2006


today, franco and i walked into town and got a few bits and pieces! then we drove down to fuengirola, the new road in las lagunas is nearly done now, it will save so much time and so much waiting in line, for now as you approach las lagunas from la vega areas you just have to stop, all the way to the N340 especially when its busy, and this is the main road for us in alhaurín who want to go directly into fuengirola. the new road starts by dunnes/lidl, and by passes all the industrial areas of las lagunas! you see the road, and the round abouts are finished so maybe in a month or so it will open!?!

but anyway we went to aki, a giant hardward store, got some more 'bits'!! then we were going to dunnes to get filters for our water jug but went into lidl first, got home and completely forgot dunnes!

since home, franco got about doing some DIY and i starting sorting out some of the rubbish in the cave, its strange it sort of collects it! empty boxes, broken things and unwanted stuff, so its waiting in the back lobby till tomorrow when we dump it on the way to the market!

little story from yesterday i heard on telly... a vet who specialised in cockatoos, this one had been with its owner for many many years and had a lot of vocabulary, the vet was having to put the bird to sleep as it was in too much pain and his time had come.... the bird just as he was about to put it down... opened his eyes and said ¨thank you, i love you¨ ........ amazing isnt it, of all the things it could have said it said that eh!

before i go just noticed when writing vocabulary... the first few letters 'voca' is very much like 'boca' mouth in spanish! and the v and b are sometimes very hard to tell apart when hearing spanish people speak...

Choosing one path means abandoning others -
if you try to follow every possible path
you will end up following none.


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