Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday again...

cant believe its friday already, not been a great week, for me, seemed to have gone through all my pain killers and not found a single one that wants to work for me!

tuesday it started bad, wednesday mate and i went to gibraltor, luckily i wasnt too bad, but then yesterday and now, back with avengence! feel like someone took off my head and then didnt put it back onto my neck quite right!

but then everything from my thumb to those little bones inside my ears are achy so i guess it must just be the change in the weather or whatever, we had rain yesterday again... so much for my forecasting efforts! and there is definately a chill coming up through these marble floors now, but its nice and warm in the sun...

my old childhood dream boy has been on telly today, david cassidy.... arh.... i was a member of his fan club, the partridge family, i still have the whole thing, from writing paper to photos and stickers etc, he looks older now forsure, just like me, but i can still see the boy he was there... apparently him and donny osmond are having a concert together next year at wembly arena, i would love to go to that! sad! what do you mean!!

had a good day in gib, weather was nice there, for a change, although i did take my brolly, and for lunch i had a wonderful morrocan meal i have had before lamb tajina i think its called, beautiful... comes to the table in a little brown dish with a tall funnel like lid with a little chimney on top!

we did a lot of walking too and rushing to get to the local supermarket but not miss the coach home!

tony is moving this weekend... feel so sad, i know i'm just being daft old me, when i last left his home i knew i wouldnt be visiting him there again and was sad, i told myself its not the place i am going to miss but him there of course, but i think too i have to be honest i think what it really is is that it will be strange not having that link with aylesbury anymore, we only lived there for four years, but i had worked there for 7 or so years, and so so many of my good friends, and of course tony was there, a place for me there... and now.... well i'll stay at tonys new place, about an hour away, and at moms, still over in the next county, and it just wont feel the same.

ok, enough of that melancholy...

Sometimes the warrior feels
as if he were living two lives at once,
'There is a bridge that links what I do with what I would like to do,'
he thinks.
Slowly, his dreams take over his everyday life,
and then he realised that he is
ready for the thing he always wanted.
Then all that is needed is a little daring,
and his two lives become one.



forget me not said...

I loved David Cassidy too! He was so cute, and I haven't seen him since I was a teen. WOW, didn't even know he was still around.

Marian I love that picture you posted. Where was it taken?

Marian said...

FMN... i know just like us, he is still around eh! all my wall and ceiling space was taken with posters of him...!

the photo? i put in 'melancholy' and clicked on images and this came up, the moment i saw it i had to 'borrow' it, it really drew my attention, i dont know where it is though, seems familier but cant be, wish i did, i even printed it out!