Friday, November 10, 2006


beautiful day today... yesterday when i went out i wore a light jacket but had to carry it once i got into town, time of the year when you never know what to wear! people wearing heavy sweaters and cords, others... some tourists, wearing shorts and t-shirts, and us others! we sat at bar rosa yesterday for about an hour or more, three of us to start, then another friend joined us, she left and another came by... nice day.

our walk this morning was a bit muddy through the wasteland we go through, and it is now the time of the snails! loads of little ones all over the place, and not nice if you dont watch where your walking, but they are so tiny, poor little things!

how is your word a day in spanish coming along? i said to franco yesterday grifo means to bristle, i thought it mean tap, or faucet, depending on what side of the pond you speak! and today it says faucet! another one is strange, gato in espanñol means cat or but gato del coche means car jack!

rather than carry our passports around all the time, a must if your in the car... some of the police here will take your care if you dont have it with you! down at a friends shop they are reducing it down and laminating it, all you have to do is get it's authenticity stamped and then laminated, so off i went to the policia local to do just that, but they sent me up to the town hall, luckily thats next door, and they did it there, so now, when its all completed i can carry this with me instead, much safer, always worry about losing it.

seem to have writers block today... strange that, so will leave you just now...

We are allowed to make many mistakes in our lives,
except the mistake that will destroy us.


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