Monday, November 12, 2007

after work this morning mom and i went to ronda, took a long time today, stuck behind one truck then another round those rocky mountain twists and turns... took nearly an hour and half!

the shops were shutting when we arrived so went to have lunch in our favorite restaurant, with the andalucian courtyard, i had the gazpacho soup, followed by meat in tomato sauce with potatoes and flan for desert... the only problem with the wonderful place is they dont have coffee!! i know unbelievable isnt it!

we had a wonder around the few open shop, walked over the tajo above and took these photos from the newest look out point.

above the wonderful parador hotel...

and finally above this huge material is covering a section of new building to the left of the parador, or the right of course from where we were standing...

took an 40 minutes to get back to coín where we shopped in mercadona and then home, so an hour travelling time coming home thank goodness... this little ford Ka really shifts!

Saturday... mom and i went down to the dunnes down at miramar parque area of fuengirola, it was so crowded with theyre get 3 pay for 2 thingy... i think we got the last car park space at the time we arrived, and inside it was a jumble of people grabbing and pushing and going crazy!

we had already been to the miramar itself and after dunnes went up to mijas for lunch, had to go to a different restaurant, our usual was closed, but it meant that we sat somewhere different, seeing a new outlook on the pueblo, a church i actually hadnt been in, until after lunch that is! and i had a massive plate of wonderful fried squid, the baby ones tenticles and all! beautiful!

Sunday... no market at la trocha, so not sure whats happening i better find out before the end of the week i think to let you all know! mom and i went to the garden center for a coffee and went into a shop near alhaurín golf to buy some fruit and veg, its a house with shop inside just by the side of the road, i remember years ago they used to have everything in boxes by the side of road...

Love will never seperate a man
from his personal legend.
The Alchemist


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