Wednesday, November 14, 2007

well off to england tonight to get mom home and then back again in the morning! traveling light no cases only my hand bag! going to feel strange coming back into malaga airport and just walking out... so therefore i am packed already with gloves and scalf! and only to change into a warm sweater and boots...

tony is collecting me from luton, and bringing me back there 7 hours later... nice eh! and another friend is collecting mom for me to take her back to her house.

just seen in this months Inland magazine a chap talking about setenil de las bodagas... wonder if he read it here first! remember tuesday october 9th

cant believe i am having to take this ka (car) back to the airport with half a tank! and they will top it up and have the cheek to charge another 45€ to the next person!

going to put a new link in for 106.8 Ace FM over there in my links section too if i can.

ok, adios amigos....

Anyone who loves
in the expectation of being loved in return
is wasting their time.
The devil and miss prym


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