Saturday, November 24, 2007

The rain in spain....

lots of rain this week... yesterday, friday was the only day it was dry i think, its been just drizzly stuff up here in alhaurín the odd hard pour but mainly just drizzle... on the coast they have had the hard stuff!

walked into town this morning popped into the shop for a quick chat and a coffee! there was no one out side of any of the bars this morning... i still think its nice to get out even if it is wet, the air is clear and the colors different and in the house its even darker so out side is good to me! also needed my shredded wheat, ended up at the super sol, couple of other places were way over priced... why!?!

yesterday i felt better too, for three whole days i was having a real bad total joint flare up, agony and a headache to match, too many pain killers and muscle tablets to count, went to bed hoping i would be better in the morning and yesterday i was, i felt so much better people commented i looked happy about something... it was just i wasnt in so much pain people!

also yesterday friend and i went to the new ikea at last.... yeah... swedish meatballs with gravy and cranbury sauce... oh so yummy.... and the restaurant was set out exactly the same as the one in wembly london, i almost felt if i had walked out i would have been in london! only about 20 degrees warmer here i know!

i forget to say... had wonderful doughnuts at last last week, and no not from tesco back ol blighty, but from taylors bakery up on avenida de la libertad, they were fantastico still warm and the jam was perfecto!

also forget to mention i think.... taking the hire car back to malaga airport for out trip to england last wednesday evening, i followed signs for car rental and parked the car, hefted out moms heavy case locked the car and we walked over to the office to find a sign saying sorry car rentals now in another car park on another level!! would have good to have seen a sign on entering the car park telling this news, so back to car, back in with case and off in search of rentals drop off point, found some signs which did.... eventually lead us to the right place which by then i was a little grumpy to say the least, and very probably appeared as a rude customer, so what can i say!

when mom and i had had enough of duty free and coffee and cakes we walked down stairs towards the departure area, only three weeks ago i had done the same prior to my week holiday, walking down the stairs, past the seating, past the newish small duty free shop on the corner before turning right and walking up the slope to the small two man office of passport control...

well we came to the shop on the corner and two things happened, a man in one of those little cars pulled up and welcomed us on board, mom on the back me up front with him, he drove us through a new corridor to a different and new passport control, taking our passports and the electronic doors opened for us.... through we went and he dropped us off at the shop near the gates... fantastic, he must have thought we looked very very tired... i guess!

oh, so the second thing that happened i suppose was that i realised afterwards that the route up to the departures had changed, but it all happened so quick i'm not sure how it is now!

now i was going to pop a photo of doughnuts at the tops... googled some pics and came across this little golden nugget... so have linked to it as what the lady say here is so funny... i want to share with you...

only now i want a doughnut and i will leave you all with this sweet sticky thought...

Perhaps love makes us grow old before out time
and makes us young again when youth has passed.
By the river piedra i sat down and wept.



Anonymous said...

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Marian said...

hello aart...welcome and oh yes i have been subscribing to paulo's newsletter for a long time and following his blog... i, amongst many were with him on his journey when he first started blogging. i am still in contact with lots of the people i met along his journey... if you know what i mean!

i have just had a quick look at your blog, its amazing, one i shall be returning to forsure, thank you for saying hello, see you again soon, i hope