Friday, November 09, 2007

two more photo's of rodin... two more of the thinker... of course!

today... we just got home and found mom had shut pippa in the cave when she left this morning! my poor baby, at least its not too hot or too cold... but six hours on the cold floor and no water... i know i know shes 'just' a dog, and most spanish dogs are out in the cold all day and all night!

we went to the bajondillo paseo today, popping into plaza major as with barry, but no lunch there, we called tony, as last time, but this time he was at work, and i got him to check out that web cam link over there on the right side of my page... under links...

and yes he could see mom and i!!! i know very very sad!

then we had lunch, i had ensalada pulpo, (squid salad), and mom had tuna, the two cokes were 2.50€ each, out of the tap and it came to nearly 20€, oh these coastal prices.... and there were only a few touristas about to catch!

mom and i then went to the marina at benalmadina, saw a couple of friends from alhaurín, the lady at first not recognising me, i think she thought i wanted to sell something! had a chat then when we turned to go he jokingly called out... i dont want to buy a holiday!!! when they passed us later he came over to say sorry! at the same time i did the same thing making so many people look over! it was only afterwards i thought i should have said... look i am not giving you my autograph!... that would have been fun!

now... thats the first week with new people in shop and it has gone really well, i suppose we were all feeling a bit strange, but its been fine.

Desire is not what you see,
but what you imagine...
Eleven minutes


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