Tuesday, November 13, 2007

they showed lots of people in new york doing their christmas shopping especially with the dollar to pound ratio... they also told how customs have legal rights to your credit card on entry back into england to make sure you havent spent more than the 200 pounds allowance... so, no wearing those new clothes home now you hear!

but back in london... the inner london charges what are they 8pounds a day? if you go into the center every day thats a lot of money, but apparently there are people registering their vehicle as a mini cab and only have to pay 26 pounds a month! on the list of mini cabs are two seater sports cars, mercedes, bmw's etc, vehicles that have no intention of being used as cabs! who has these clever ideas i ask...

today mom and i went to fuengirola, spoke to snr lorenzo who was our land lord when we first arrived here in spain, saw a few people from alhaurín too!

we also went into el corte ingles in las lagunas on way home, bit tired by then...

had a record played for me on the local radio station this morning!... that was very nice surprize, thank you tim! although i went to pieces and the till showed over 500€ to pay back to the customer ooooops!

but it was one of those days today, mishaps on till, leaky coffee cup, saw a few near accidents on way down to coast, nothing unusual there i know but we watched with horror as we could see the man in front over taking a truck and we could also see a vehicle pulling out from a side road in front of the truck to come in our direction, that would have been a very nasty head on collision had the man not braked hard and pulled back in behind the truck! idiota!

but it is tuesday 13th, and here in spain this is the unlucky date and day, not a friday!

In love lies the seed of our growth,
The more we love,
the closer we are to spiritual experience.
By the river piedra i sat down and wept.


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