Thursday, November 01, 2007

poor little chap eh, took this photo when barry was over and this praying mantis was minus a leg!

and this was barry taking a photo of me, of course doing the same!

town seems different since i have returned home, quieter, a little cooler, and just different, cant put my finger on it somehow...

into work tomorrow, which will be different, the place the same, the stock the same, but new people coming in and my buddy leaving...

everything in the shop will continue on as usual, so the customers shouldnt have need to worry... me on the other hand?...

and i have a sore throat and ear ache so thats fun, maybe i brought this back from england, so many people had colds, and i heard on the tv this how you have 4 times as much chance of catching a cold on a plane than elsewhere!

did i tell you one of tonys friends 'did' my nails for me? they lasted me through carrying the baggage, no small feat, but last night lost one openig the refrigerator... on the radio, in the uk... question asked what is frigophobia? answer is afraid of the cold, makes sence spanish cold is frio! and just came across this absolutely useless item!

True love does not consist
of trying to correct others,
but of feeling joy
that things are better than we expected.
Unpublished (2005 diary)


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