Sunday, November 04, 2007

la trocha market was back on today folks... shame not many turned up? i spoke to the market man friday who didnt know till later if it was going to be on, so maybe it was just a little late in getting the info out!

there was no signs to say it was even open when we arrived and there were only a few stalls, and a few people looking, we were quite early so hopefully more turned up after we left.

ok today i have a little item, its called the price comparison section...

and today on the shelf we have shredded wheat, a british breakfast cereal.

super sol supermarket sell a 12 pack for approx 4€ 22cents
dunnes supermarket section 18 pack for approx 4€50 cents, still not bad considering 6 extra in their pack!
and today i saw an 18 pack for 6€20... are they having a laugh or what? i was having histerics, we actually popped in to look for dog food, which i also decided against buying in there for that price!

i guess i should remind those of us from the uk it costs 1.57 for an 18 pack of shredded wheat in tesco, which equals 2€ 25, so thats an extra 2 euros in the spanish shops, but an extra 4 euros!!! now i know it has to be shipped and taxes paid, but these people are not buying it from the supermarkets, it comes from a warehouse at a cheaper price and to charge 6.20 for it for drives me crazy!

ok thats good i feel better now, now what shall i pick on next week, coffee maybe, its only just 4€ in mercadona for a big jar of nescafe so i will have to search out the high prices around the area...

He who loves has conquered the world
and has no fear of losing anything.
True love is an act of total surrender.
By the river piedra i sat down and wept.


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