Tuesday, November 06, 2007


oh cant up load images at the moment, so will just tell you about the day!

work ok, still feeling bit strange settling in with new folk... i suppose too for them especially as my friend is still there too when she owned the shop, not sure if she will be in tomorrow...

then mom and i went to malaga on the bus to see the rodin sculptures in the old town, calle lario, bus ride ok, better than yesterday when we went to fuengirola, think i am getting bus sickness! well travel sickness!

we walked to the town centre stopping for coffee in the larios centre first on our way, then over the river into the historical centre of malaga...

we found the sculptures easily enough and i took lots of photos, i will up load them when i can, i took all the angles of 'the thinker' so will show them one each day!

we then went to collect a rental car from the airport, i only booked it last night on the internet and waited to receive the info for today, it only came this morning before i left work, so a good thing i wasnt arriving by plane! no print out no car!

we got the airport bus and stopped right by the car rental office opposite the san miguel factory, good thing the bus stopped there otherwise it would have been a long walk from the stop in the terminal! the info said to collect the car from down stairs after getting your baggage, ok if your actually landing i suppose! so i phoned ahead and they told me to go to the office... we did!!

mom found it a bit difficult getting up the slope from the road, alright the bus stopping but no path and no easy route for getting up onto the other road, anyway i pulled her up and there was the office...

they wouldnt take moms visa as it was a debit card also, that would have been interesting had we just landed and not had another card to use, and a polite sorry we dont take debit visa would also have been nice, not the rude way he refused the card, this wasnt mentioned on their internet site either! and the promised full tank of fuel was also not there after paying over 45€ for it! i suppose i should have gone back in the office, but the mood i was in by then seemed a little pointless, if we hadnt been at the airport i would have just walked anyway, but there we were stuck otherwise!

so we have a ford ka!

oh before i go get coffee.... dunnes yesterday shredded wheat 4€ 35!!! getting cheaper!

Love is a complicated path,
and that path can lead us up to heaven
or hurl us down into hell.
By the river piedra
i sat down and wept


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Anonymous said...

I love Rodin.. and how nice to have your mom to hang around with a bit.