Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Couriouser and curiouser...

i am so tired i may well fall asleep whilst writing, although trying to keep fingers on correct keys may do the trick, just chatted to tony on g.mail and had to correct more than i sent!

just not sleeping much, and for some reason finding it hard to sleep or nap even during day, so exhaustion setting in.

anyway... the above heading? Pippa has been in and out of our cave now for some time looking for 'something', we can never hear anything, no obvious signs of anything living in there, lizards are ok, but don't want any other critters!

well yesterday i, sorry Pippa, we, went to go through to put washing in and on the door step into the lobby was, well something horrible, may have just been 'mud' if you get the gist, and several of the strings that hang there, fly screen thingy, had been cut off 5 or 6 inches up from the bottom! Pippa didn't like the look of the mess and backed away from the area till i had cleaned up, then did a quick tour of the downstairs toilet and cave in a mad hunting frenzy... to no avail!?!

how weird!

nothing today, and i have the cave door open i want whatever it is to show its face again, Franco says we can put down poison, but i don't want to kill a lizard or cat, and if its a rat humane rather what we did before.

not sure what came over me earlier today, i know i am cooking lasagna later, but baked an apple tart thing just now too!

the street is noisy also, they have been digging up small areas for what looks like no reason at all in places that they are just making up! although if i think about it it looks like its in front of some of the houses that have yet to be reformed and maybe do not have the outside water meter pipework needed for they're pipes to connect to! so as they didn't put road closed signs at either end of the street people have been coming and going in some distress!

thats it for me.... ;-)


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