Monday, January 19, 2009

look at the state of our street! what a mess eh!

i am wondering if they are planning on fixing the street by Semana Santa that they are only going to put in the gas pipes and not do the paving that they have up on the next street, i just cannot see how they can do all that in such a short time...

as you can see in our small street, we have the smallest earth moving equipment possible! miniature diggers in a miniature street!

and again blurry, took it too early this morning for steady hands!

and i don't drink a drop, well hardly! its horrible being so shaky all the time people get completely the wrong idea, i remember once bringing a coffee to a customer in the show room and they commented on how much had i had to drink the night before! we should never judge someone on some things without first knowing the reasons!

although looking at these things in our small orchard(!) up on the terrace do you think they would help me at all! or would it be kill or cure!?!

this morning i fun in the bank, again, as usual! oh amigo please come back to work here in Alhaurín! where are you my friend?

we had a bank account open... and a year with no money in it it was put on hold, i was told only two or three weeks ago that when some money went in, it would automatically be accessible again. money went in a week ago... i tried card and Internet but to no avail... today i went in and told them about the situation and they gave me a new pin! tried again immediately, didn't work! was then told that the card was invalid and a new account needed to be set up, more forms etc etc! so i reminded them that i was told that as soon as credit was in the account everything would automatically be re-activated again!?! if the account was no good anymore how could money have been entered?

so... then they said ok will re-activate the account and the card etc should work. but which pin? who knows, she said try the old and the new and if neither work come back in.

and it was so hot in bank, and so was i!

I look to the future, because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life.
George Burns


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