Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ok, i am back home now from my short trip to England, i left Malaga mid day Saturday and arrived back home here about 11am yesterday! although didn't get back in Alhaurín el Grande till 1.45pm after the bus trips to get me here! phew, never mind got to see some more changes going on at Malaga Bus Station, not sure how long they have been going on for, as i don't think i have been there in about a year or more maybe... new marble floors outside, looking like an ice rink! and non slip tiling where you dis embark from the buses...

mom was a little surprised to see me, she sort of thought i would turn up, although not being with Tony at her place helped, i was waiting in the restaurant! we went to a nice place, a French restaurant in Berkhamsted... Brasserie Gerard...

very very nice, good cocktails too 'hic'... and the deserts! could have eaten a bit of each one for sure!

Sunday tony and Kate went running! and Tony did good!

considering it was his first time! he had a big blister on his foot, but no other ill effects, bit achy Monday morning... at 5am when he was taking me back to Luton airport!

the photos here... the top two are up opposite the garden centre on the Alhaurín Fuengirola road, the one on the left here is much further down where they have stripped the land back and are going to build on it, most people know the bins where people dump furniture etc etc illegally... that's where this is.

and left here is Pippa last week, when she was getting in there in the cave to play hunting dog!

in my short trip to St Albans, we went to Watford on the Sunday morning, lots of shoppers doing their best to try to get the economy up and running again, a few sale bits left too, but lots of spring summer gear in. we also went to Tesco, Tony grabbed a bag of doughnuts to feed my craving, got home and they were custard and not jam! oh heck... so, craving still there, or rather here! although i did come home with one Cadburys cream egg... not yet eaten, going to save for... a special occasion!

lots more to tell... manaña amigos...

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars!
Oscar Wilde


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Pia said...

What a cute photo of Pippa! I guess dogs never lose their hunter instinct, do they?

By the way, what do you do with Pippa when you go back to the UK?