Saturday, January 10, 2009

how cold is it here today!?! yesterday morning on the terrace in the shade... 4º and Franco had a little ice on the windscreen! not normal for in town for sure!

as cold out as in too, not moved much today just wearing several layers of clothes and finding it to hard to move!

mom had her third chemo on Thursday and she called when she got home to tell me it was great! what a gal eh! more concerned with her troublesome child (me) who had had a bad migraine the day before! her and her pal that goes with her, courtesy of Tony, have a small pick nick while they wait, salmon sandwiches cakes and fizzy drinks etc!

we have a huge problem with damp just now, the windows up stairs all are running with water by morning, lots of small panes of glass surrounded by that white aluminium which is wetter than the glass, it puddles on the floor on the back door (up stairs that is!). someone said it was the gas fire we have burning down stairs in the evenings, tried not using that but its just the same, so i guess its us breathing!!! thank goodness for our heated bed because in the night when there is no heating on you can sense the cold green fingers of mold and mild dew making they're way towards you... (ok too much stephen king!)

would seriously consider having a small wood burning stove put in, it would have to be small, but the real problem is where to put it in our small dolls house! the stove could go in a spot in the dining room end of down stairs, but the pipe work cannot go out from down stairs due to some heavy rsj's and the front balcon, so the pipework cant go straight up from there, the bathroom is above! ok, take the pipework from stove round an ornate pillar thats in the way up into our bedroom, no room there on that wall and from there impossilbe to go out the front on the house... up directly on the roof terrace? maybe, we have a chimney up on the roof so maybe there is an opening from our bedroom thats a posibility, but after reading all that above... phew i dont know! our house would look like stanstead airport!!

The best counselor is experience,
but it usually arrives late!
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