Thursday, January 29, 2009

More views of our street... this will go on for some time, if i have to see it! so do you all!!!

i went to go out this morning and just here on the left there was a truck backed down the street there on the right, so close to the wall it was impassable! so i turned to go the other way and was faced with two of the mini tractors and a mound of earth which i had to climb over...

i was going to the animal rescue shop just near Plaza Alta, where i worked today helping out a friend who would have been in there on her own... was a quiet day, and cold inside, although coming out i found how warm it is today!

this photo on the left now is way out of date, and i only took it last night, will get out there again tonight for up dated photos!

i know a photo of a man hole cover is probably not one of my best... but this will soon be gone, and its a piece of history telling us the last time the road was re laid, or perhaps the first time !!!

and as you can see the date is on it! half a century ago... 1959! how old!?!

did i tell you what i read on my trip to the UK? or rather the format of it? my Nintendo DS lite books! if i am repeating my self apologies folks... i am just glad my clothing has my name in it... Zara is my name isn't it! sorry... any way i digress as usual, so my DS lite machine... i have a card that doesn't have a game on it, it has 100 classic books, and using wifi connection you can down load others, for free! not bad eh, and it was quite cheap too...

they are of the more classic variety i know, and remembering what some of the words mean is educating in its self! but no bad thing... you know where they used 'f' for 's' and other such ye old English!

but its a great thing, like the Sony reader actually, although you cant download modern books... yet on the DS, but you can pick the font size etc, and just one click turns the page, which you can easily tap with your thumb nail and not have to use the little stylus pen. on the flight back i just changed from one book to another so easily! i could see people looking and wondering what the heck!

we had a quote done for some work on the house, the quote fantastic! they had my full name and address etc, and once home i read this bit as i had been too busy reading the price at the bottom of the paper... and i must admit i was horrified! as i say they had my name, but instead they had typed Marian Extranjera (foreign)!!!

ok ok, yes we are foreign... but believe you me if we had a cheaper quote else where or well any quote from else where, else where is where we would have been buying the work!

and yes i did mention it to them when we went back! in a nice polite way of course, seeing as i am a foreigner!

The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything; the young know everything.
Oscar Wilde


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