Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ok back to the bank this morning... still cannot access account! arh! can you hear me screaming? and back in to see the manager this time... they are going to open up a new account instead and we are starting all over again...

i know we shouldn't make comparisons, but also i am, at last after being in Alhaurín 4 years going to move my bank account from another town, in the UK you can go into any branch of your bank in any town and do anything you need to do. here you cannot and its too far to keep going hither and thither to do stuff. the account cannot actually be 'moved', you have to open a new account, another one! and then move the funds and close the old account.

and more news of our most recent cave dweller! we think it must be a rat as someone has had a go at some washing that hadn't quite made its way into the washing machine, and also i went in with a good torch and came across quite a big hole that went back a long long way and looked quite recently dug out!

we have left a little something in the tunnel and foamed it up, i think we need a lot of foam all the holes there are, in fact we're thinking of maybe cementing up all the crevices and re painting, there are quite often little bits falling so hopefully this will hold things together more also. and we could spot any other 'visitors' easier i guess, thing is i hate the idea of hurting the thing, but more the fact that the animal could come running into the house if the back door is open! and if it is a rat we don't want that! and we know 'it' reached the back door where it left its little muddy foot prints and chewed on the string curtain!

What we do for ourselves dies with us.
What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.
Albert Pine


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