Monday, January 05, 2009

great view here from our terrace on the morning on Saturday the 3rd of January, i think, memory going missing big time! anyway... could hardly see the house below or the town hall behind!

we went down to Mijas i wanted to light a candle in the small chapel there, the drive was pretty scary, round that mountain road, although the cloud cleared from time to time, and in Mijas it was ok, but the view down to the coast was non existent, would have put a photo here, but all was white, so pretty pointless!

it also started to rain when we were having a coffee in our usual bar, the two coffee's came to 3.40€! used to be 1.20 each! crazy price now.... and he knows we're locals, so no excuse of robbing the tourists there!

new years eve we snuggled up with a good movie which finished at five to midnight when we went up on the roof terrace and saw all the fireworks.... from here in Alhaurín, also Villafranco, Cartama,

Coín and Pizzara too i think! five towns of celebrations which was pretty to see, i downed my 12 grapes in quick time while on the phone to tony back in blighty who called on our stroke of midnight.

which apparently was one second later, due to 'them' getting to 11.59.9 and holding back for one second for re alignment! down at the church in Fuengirola the clock struck 12 twice... i wonder if that was anything to do with it?

after we left Mijas we continued down to Miramar Parque, where it was busy, was beginning to think everyone here was in hiding, or denial, or something! but everything was busy, people buying like crazy!

went into Iceland and into they're new extended area, the restaurant wasn't open yet, but lots more of store, couldn't work out where the shop was they took over, its round the corner and up the street a way, but the shops meet up at the back and that's how they have managed to make use of the extra space now.

working backwards it must have been Friday the 2nd we went to check out prices of new windows in the Bauhaus store in the commercial centre near the airport, great store, bit haphazard, hazard being the warning there, things all over the floor to trip over or bump into!

also there on this site are a huge range of other stores, a houseware shop, food, clothes, electrics etc etc, including a small mall which has among other things a massive El Corte Inglés discount store! all the stores were well into sales, the mango shop was almost giving stuff away the lines for the changing rooms and check out counter were enormous!

i met another Angelino today! in a store round the corner... only here 3 months y habló español perfectamente! humph!


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Pia said...

Some traditions are the same as here...12 grapes! Incredible! But not really, considering we were part of the kingdom of Spain 250 years ago.