Saturday, January 17, 2009

Franco just phoned to ask "how is the weather up there?"... i looked out and said well sunshine and blue sky! he said it was sweating down on the coast... up on the roof it is warm, even hot in the sun, but still in the house Siberia! Pippa and i sat up top for a while with our eyes closed and soaked up some heat... on the web cam on my link there, i just checked out Torremolinos and it is just over 20º...

they were having trouble hanging the warning sign for hard hat wear on the old dodgy wall, gave up and have attached it to a neighboring houses rejas!?! hope they don't mind! soon no one will access to they're garages any more either so parking will be a first come first parked process again!

and apparently... the street will be finished for Semana Santa! about the second week of April!

by the way above dish on the stove... vegetable lasagna in progress.... was very nice me gusta mucho!


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