Thursday, January 15, 2009

well this is us now... relying on the overhead water pipes! i opened up our expansion tank on the roof earlier when we were switched off and forgot about it... as you can so easily do! until i was upstairs and heard this awful noise... it was a small swimming pool forming up on the terrace from the tank which was full and over flowing, no stopcock up there so it didn't know it was full! humph! Pippa went wading out looking so cute! up to her ankles and delicately holding on foot up in the air when not moving!

we have a connection on our balcon too! that off shoot supplies water to the other side of the street!

this morning they are digging up all over the street, neighbors water was poring out everywhere! Pippa been going crazy, taken her outside again to meet the men working there, she is better when she know who it is, and not left wondering what the heck is going on out there, so they all said hola to her and pet her and she
is better now....

this sign here showing road closed for changes meant nothing to a man yesterday he just pulled up next to it, looked at the digging work before it and moved the fence, drove through it, put it back then drove forward till he found the reason the sign was there... holes in road!!! and had to reverse and back out of the street, what did he think the sign meant? just drive on regardless?

is this last photo blurry or is it just me? think it is just me... using

camera badly! neighbor tried to get in just now, came through the road closed sign down other end of street got to her garage and there is a huge pile of rocks in front! so had to reverse out again!

and i guess this is just the beginning isn't it, how long will it take to renew the road? a year? took over 18 months to do the adjacent road, i am sure lots of photos to follow on this operation!


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