Tuesday, July 04, 2006

code 3! must be code 4 here then!

code 3 alert in england! wondered what my mom was on about last night, now i have seen it on tv this morning! well i have just put the guage out in the sun on the roof and will go back up when i have finished this, its reading 33C/91.4F in the shade at the moment, of course we havent reached the hottest part of our day yet, usually about 3pm, but it was already 26 at 830 this morning, dont know why i am trying to justify it really? they were also talking about heat exhaustion, i think the symptoms were those i suffered last july and august, our first summer inland, no sea breezes here, hope i dont have it as bad this year, hopefully i will get used to it, cant be doing with that virtigo feeling, room spinning, heart racing, all that stuff only drinking water after all!

also on telly this morning... a bit about blogs, why people do it, saying about how like a diary etc, and a play is on in london all about us bloggers! a new blogger every second somewhere in the world begins his journey on the WWW... tony who started his, back in the last century dosent seem to do anything on it now! he wanted me to put tonys awsome site in my link section, well its getting to be like watching paint dry! come on tony!!! pleeeeeeze!

work was good yesterday, hot and tiring though too, had to remove every single price tag from every single garment for the sale we started yesterday, everything a euro! anyway a hard but good day, followed by our now habit of visiting the bar over the road on leaving! un coca cola para mi!

and home, how the house goes from an oven in the summer to a freezer in the winter! if only i could save some of this heat! and our small and narrow street over the last couple of days! its one way, and everyone is going up and down like crazy people! the road at the end of our street is up! like almost half the streets here in alhaurín this week! but people think they can dodge the road works by skipping up ours the wrong way! and then well blow me down if they dont get to the other end of our street thinking they can go left... pero no! darecha solomente! and then its back and right only again and again bringing them back past the end of our street again! taking them full circle! they could turn off into the jungle above our house, its negotiable, but for someone already lost! well they could end up in the sierra de mijas! and who wants to end up there this side of a full moon!!!

ok... brb... its 38C now thats 100.4F, will see what its like at 5pm this evening and up date! humph!

ok... its 720pm and its still 38C but now thats in the shade! it was raining this afternoon where tony works just outside of london when i spoke with him, bring it on!

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love,
and be loved in return...


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Honora said...

I can never hate the heat totally, now -- I met the coolest guy on the evening of a 114 degree day. However, those days are long gone, so daytime in the 80s, nights in the 60s would be just about perfect enough to keep me quiet.

But you over there, Marian, and your relatives/friends in England in such terrible heat, please be careful, take good care of you!