Wednesday, July 19, 2006


was just talking about a coinsedenses... what do you think of this?

a few years ago, when i was working in my favorite job of receptionist at a mercedes-benz dealership in aylesbury... i arrived into work, early as usual and was doing all my normal first things, opening up the show room, filling coffee machine tiding up etc and a man came in to see someone, who wouldnt be arriving into work for another hour! so i got him a coffee and went back to my desk, he came over and we started talking, about how he shouldnt have been in our place at all and had had to drive for a long time to cover someone elses customer, us, we talked about this and that, as you do, not even sure now how we got onto coinsedenses and spooky type things, i mentioned a few that had happened to me over the years since i was a child... another time here... he mentioned his wife was the same, then i said something else and he said his wife too! and that she had fibromyalgia! i nearly fell off my chair! i knew lots of people had it, just never met anyone, i know this was her husband but close enough! he said his wifes psychic things started when theyre son died, he had had a good job, happy in all parts of his life, young, and he got stopped one morning going into work and failed an alcohol test, he lost his job, his life, literaly his life, he got into drugs and later was at rehab, but went AWOL got on a train and in his mixed up mind he climbed out of a window while the train travelled at high speed... the rest you can imagine... now his mom and dad didnt know he was missing and she started having strange thoughts about him and things he was saying to her... then they found out what had happened.

in the week leading up to his funeral his mom received messages from him, in the form of poetry, she at first tried to ignore it thinking it was her mind playing horrid tricks, or that even she had lost it! one late night she couldnt take anymore and her husband called out a doctor, they had to wait a long time, theyre local doctor was not available and they awaited a locom, who arrived eventially, and at the door commented it had taken him over an hour and had to drive nearly 30 miles to get there! very strange... her husband explained what had happened to theyre son and now how his wife was reacting and that he thought she had lost her mind, the doctor said why? why dont you belive she hears these things from your son? believe her have faith... he didnt even see the wife and just left, he said she dose not need drugs or therapy, but to write down what she hears/feels.

so she did every day until the funeral and at the funeral she handed out the poems to the people that her son had told her to! things she didnt know about, words only spoken by him to these friends of his, and every single one of them were amazed she knew these things, that theyre son david had been the only one who could have written these poems...

question... why did that doctor end up coming to them from afar?
question... why did this man come to our dealership instead of where he should have gone

things are so strange arent they, fibromyalgia is said, in part, to be connected to extra electrical energy going on in the brain, which is why we never have restorative sleep, and only dream dream dream all night, awakening as tired as when we laid down our tired and heavy heads the night before... does this energy have something to do with receiving other things? or am i going complety off track as usual! or am i on my way to the looney bin.... hang on is that the men in white coats a knocking at my door!


Desert Dreamer said...

LOL...Oh, I love this! Yes, there is something going on I am sure. I remember September 10th, 2001. It was my mother's birthday and we took her out to eat Chinese food. On the way home, the sky from east to west, north to south was coverd in a golden cloud...nobody seemed to notice but me. It struck me that something was going to happen. I sat up all night wating, watching, waiting...finally slumber overcame my body. It was 6:00 a.m.
At 7-something our time, my husband and son's voices woke me up. "Did you see that?"
I bolted out of bed and raced to the television going "WHAT HAPPENED??!?!?" Now, we all know it was 9-11.
That has been happening to me more and more. I have had it for quite some time but never really thought about it. Sometimes it scares me like when my husband's friend at work was diagnosed with lymphoma. He was a EXTREMELY athletic biker. My husband told me and I began bawling like a baby. The first thing out of his mouth when he saw me cry was, "Don't tell me any more! You can't know, I don't want to hear it!" His friend passed away a year later. Most of all, I think it is a gift from God because it gives us time to pray. It's my "call to prayer" for whatever the reason at the moment.

forget me not said...

Now this may sound strange, but I don't have Fibromyalgia but I do have an awful lot of premonitions. I too had been feeling something for a couple of weeks before Sept 11 and I was sure there would be a terrorist attack. (Now that's not too hard to believe, considering that we had been threatened by OBL for years that it would happen). But the strangest thing is when I dreamed that a scorpion had jumped on me, trying to sting me first on my leg and then on my neck, where it did manage to get me. I woke up feeling the pain on my neck! That evening I found out that my brother had killed himself. In calculating the time of the dream, I realized that the dream happened at the moment he was dying.

Marian said...

desert dreamer... wow, thats amazing, my strange happenings are more like contact with people already passed over, i saw my dad the night he had already died, i was only ten, he had died in new york and i was in england, i also know when something bad has happened somewhere, like i feel a shadow and try to work out the thing that has happened. premonitions i'm not sure if i have, although one night something sort of scary happened that i cant explain, i had closed my eyes to go to sleep and immediately was in a narrow lane, steep sides with the roots of the trees above showing through the earth all knarled and knobley, the middle of the track was raised with the ruts either side, the scene was litterly thrown at me, like i had been put there in that lane just for a moment... then gone! why? what was happening there, or had, i guess i'll never know but it will always worry me.

Marian said...

forgot me not... i looked up scorpion in a dream book i have, its to do with death, or renewal, or bad words,not a good thing to dream of, so thats amazing, our dreams are supposed to tell us so much, if only we could really work it all out eh!i wonder if when we are asleep we are more open to listening to our six sense, or maybe just more relaxed, i wish i could get into that relaxed state while awake, i suppose thats what people do who can comunicate with the past.

Desert Dreamer said...

Yes, I have had that before as well. Sometimes then I have that de ja vous feeling later on when I am someplace new. I was there, but in a dream or thought.