Friday, July 14, 2006

Star Burst

today i feel really positive and motivated, i have been a bit down on myself recently what with my aches and pains, although i hope this coming mondays work wont put me back there again, i suppose i really will have to think twice about continuing there if i then spend the next 24hrs trying to get any ooomph back!

i have been thinking of phoning up a telesales job, but unsure about what theyre selling or buying, specially here on the costa del sol, so today i started looking around the newspapers online, and some job companys and i applied for one job and enquired about another, and have put my cv up for show, so we shall see, maybe having a 'proper' job again is really what i need, i suppose the less i have been doing, the less i feel like doing, which cant be very good for me, although my age is now a bit of a down factor, i may feel younger than i am, well in my self, young at heart and all that, but that date when you write it down... OMG it looks sooooooo bad! still lets see eh! i must admit i feel better just having done something towards getting a job.

this morning while pippa and i were out i was also thinking of getter a scooter again, again as in thinking about it! and told pippa she would have to have her own seat and wear a leather biggles hat and goggles! can you imagine! i will have to get tony to make up a photo for me, he's clever like that!

on tv just now a lady walked over hot coals to get her motivated and her diet and life back on track, i remember my stephanie doing that not so long ago, i am so proud of her, amazing to have done such a thing, and i told her if you can do that, you can do anything girl!

Love is not gazing at each other,
but looking outward together in the same direction.
antoine de saint-exupery



forget me not said...

The story of our seems like we're all in a period of transition with work and all, and especially moving towards the big five-o...But let's not feel down, ladies! We are not OLD!
My sister lost a lot of weight in the past two years (30 kgs-60 some pounds!) She's doing great and is exercising and really getting her life together. Now if she could only find a job in a public school...She's been teaching for almost 20 years in a catholic grade school. She's a great teacher but should be paid so much more!

forget me not said...

PS I love the image of Pippa with goggles on! Post some pics of her!!

Honora said...

How does anyone feel old? I do, but why?? In the same breath, I might also ask some friendly teen, "May I try your skateboard for a sec?" On the inside, I am 12. That rather horrifies the folks on the outside of me. Especially those people interviewing me as applicant for a job.

Please DO get another scooter. Why not??

Marian said...

honora... i know i feel the same... like they say i am not a number!! i still look out through the same eyes i have always looked out through, some of my thoughts and opinions have changed but basicly i am still the same girl, i do think some people are born old, so i suppose some of us, lots of us! are born to remain young also!